Strego Marketing Solutions is run by Duncan Cartwright  An honours degree in Marketing and Economics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems (IT) led to marketing positions mainly within the healthcare industry. Later sales experience in a smaller company demonstrated the potential of a marketing services company specialising in providing consultancy and support to small and medium sized businesses.

This experience across the marketing mix is backed by other consultants and freelancers when required. The result is we have the right ingredients to deliver  a wide range of fresh, creative, cost effective services to the private and public sector.

Marketing Philosophy

Marketing is about identifying consumer needs and supplying products and services to meet these needs in a profitable, economic manner.

This means developing a marketing plan and strategy which encompasses the marketing mix including product/service, pricing, distribution and promotional strategies. It can also involve new product development (NPD) and market research.

By adopting a more marketing oriented approach for your business, you can achieve better results.

Marketing is not confined to big business. SME’s can be the most dynamic and marketing oriented businesses. That’s why they are so interesting to work with!

Marketing is a process. We work with most of our clients on a longer term basis offering marketing consultancy and advice in combination with a range of marketing services. However we also undertake ad hoc projects including market research, copywriting and web design.

Areas of experience include IT, training, cleaning sector, trades, leisure, tourism and house building.

For an initial, free and confidential discussion about our services and your business feel free to contact us.