Market Research

Marketing is about finding out your customers needs and then supplying them profitably.  All business owners obviously have a high awareness of these needs however on occasion it is important to find out more.

We specialise in two main areas.  Desk research in order to source information.  An example would be generating ideas from published literature in relation to increasing hotel occupancy rates.

Where the information need is more specific we normally use qualitative research techniques, generally in the form of depth interviews.

Research can trigger a new market for a product, help decide on which newspaper to advertise in or even highlight a strength your company has that you were not aware of.

Whatever the objective is – the information yielded can significantly reduce the risk in decision making and result in more effective marketing decisions.

Market Research is a critical part of the marketing process. It can help: put you ahead of the competition, suggest product and service improvements, set prices, decide where to advertise, the list is endless……